Thursday, January 31, 2008

long time...

...since I posted anything here, but I have made a resolution to start doing so starting now. OK, here's latest news:

1. Planning for ZoukFest 2008 is well under way and we'll be announcing staff on our website this week. Look for some really interesting new staff and curriculum. We're all really looking forward to our 8th year (!) and the 2nd at our fantastic new home at College of Santa Fe.

2. Later this year I will be premiering two new works composed for me. The first is "In Blue Spaces" written by North Carolina-based composer Paul Elwood. It is a 10 minute single movement chamber work for Irish bouzouki with violin, viola, flute, clarinet, cello and piano. It is probably the first chamber work written for the Irish bouzouki! The second is an electro-acoustic piece written by award-winning composer Paul Rudy. As yet untitled, it has a solo part for Irish bouzouki played live by me, with accompanying parts comprised from recorded samples of sounds I can make on the instrument. I am very excited by the opportunity and challenge of these works.

3. Many have asked when I was going to record another solo CD. ("Dragon Reels" turned 10 last year, and my last two releases have been duos with Chipper Thompson - "The Janissary Stomp" and Randal Bays "House to House.") It looks like it might be another year before I can get into the studio for another solo outing. I have a couple of new bouzoukis on order and I'd like to have a few months with them under my belt before recording again.

OK - that's it for now. I promise to try and log in here at least weekly from now on.

Thanks for reading!


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